Jul 28, 2014


Oscar de la Renta's Five Decades of Style exhibit has joined us in Dallas at the Bush Center for the next few months.  The majority of dresses are on loan from Mercedes Bass, but the others are on loan from Laura Bush & Hillary Clinton throughout their years in the White House & beyond.  If you get a chance to visit Dallas, I would highly recommend making the visit.  

Jun 9, 2014


City Sandals

Summer time for me means, putting up the sky high closed toed heels for the winter and wearing a comfortable sandal.  However, finding a sandal that's fashionable and still gives me some lift, is hard to come by.  Enter the city sandal.  A sandal with a shorter heel, that's comfortable and amazingly stylish.  I've bought a 2 pairs last summer from Shoemint, and I have about worn them into the ground.  I've found that Neiman Marcus & J Crew have a great supply of city heels this year.  If you're like me and want to allow your feet to breath, stay cool, feel supported & look amazing, city sandals are your new best friend.

May 19, 2014


90's revival

Let us rewind to almost 20 years ago to when I started high school.  I wore the standard uniform of every 14 year old girl or boot cut jeans (with the tiny slit on the inside hem), Dr. Martens, t-shirt & a flannel.  Now if it was summer, sub jean shorts & Dr. Marten sandals.  Now fast forward to 2014 and imagine my surprise to see that my youth is for sale in almost every store!  Some trends I pray never come back (I'm looking at you scrunchies) and some I'm almost too excited to wear again.  But being in my 30's, some of those looks I loved back then, need to be more subdued.

For the adult trying to partake in the 90's revival, I've chosen some of my favorite looks that can look great and not like you're trying to hard.  Take overalls for example.  The more fitted the better.  The baggy ones from Old Navy we all wore will make you look like you're on your way to a theme party. An updated baby doll dress in a solid color, like the red one above from Mango, is a perfect summer dress that can easily be worn casually with converse or for a night out with sandals or wedges. And lets not forgot your accessories.  Gold chains, braided friendship bracelets,  round sunnies & fringe covered purses are the perfect touch to any outfit.

Just remember to not take the 90's trend back to the 90's.  If you lived it once to it's fullest, remember to pick only a few key trends to wear.  It's never cute for a 30 something woman to look like she did in her yearbook photos.

I impersonally on the converse, baby doll & higher waisted shorts trends.  How about you?


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